Monday, May 2, 2016

Building Secure RESTful Webservices

Recently I delivered a webinar on "Building Secure RESTFul Webservices" on Techgig which received a very good feedback based on the Techgig survey. The webinar column was published on Gizmodo India as well.

Here is a list of key takeaways from the webinar

  • How HTTPS work in detail and how to implement HTTP BASIC Authentication.
  • What is Mutual SSL Authentication and how to implement it.
  • What kind of damage can be done with security attacks like Man in the Middle and Replay Attack. 
  • Authenticating user without passing credentials over the wire
  • Preventing Man in the Middle attacks using Signature verification
  • Preventing Replay Attacks using timestamp and cryptographic nonce
  • What are OAuth 1a and OAuth 2

The code samples (written in Java) related to this webinar can be found at 

I am embedding the webinar recording for quick access below.

Building Secure RESTful Web Services from Techgig on Vimeo.

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