Saturday, May 16, 2009

JavaFX and JQuery Widgets with Zembly

Since, I attended the BOJUG meet on JavaFX in Dec 2008 ,I was very excited about trying it out. Finally I managed to get some time to work on it.I found it easy and fun to learn as it is almost like writing Java2D code in a more sophisticated form. I was looking out for ways to create something that can be shared across blogging and other social networking sites something like flash widgets but not in flash.Being a Java developer it looks very scary to me ;). Then almost a month and a half back I got to know about this new browser based social programming environment Zembly from Sun Microsystems. I was not fully aware of how these widgets are published simultaneously on various social networks.But after exploring Zembly I found creating these kind of widgets very easy and interesting.My interest dragged me to write these two small apps which are published on Blogger and iGoogle using Zembly.
Added below is a JavaFX piano which can be played through keyboard(use Keys:A,W,E,D,R,T,G,Y,U,J,I,O,L to play various piano keys) or through mouse.
I will be posting the link to download the FXPiano netbeans project very soon.


The (kind of) game widget added below uses jQuery for animation and effects.It is not yet fully completed.

Game(under development)

While working on both the apps I found zemblys JavaScript/CSS/(X)HTML editor support really good. It provides code completion on CTRL+Space just like netbeans . The default javascript editor also provides applet based syntax highliting. Apart from the default editor they also have Mozilla labs Bespin editor which is also light weight and provides awesome syntax highliting.

Zembly simply rocks because of some basic features like "Clone and Edit","Preview Widget" which allows you to clone ,play and preview any widget developed by somebody else. It helped beginners like me a lot. Moreover it provides many inbuilt templates like NewsTicker, FeedScroller, GoogleMapMaker,3D-PhotoCarousel,YouTube Video Player etc. which are ready to use vanilla templates ,all you need to do is just customize according to your requirement. Zembly is huge, I am yet to try developing full fledged FaceBook and Meebo Apps which I will be looking forward to do now.

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